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November 12, 2017

“Good Morning my baby girl … ”

That’s the text message I woke up to one morning. I mean, I talk to my dad alot so it’s not like him messaging me was new. But him calling me not only ‘baby girl’ but ‘his baby girl’, that just shot me up a thousand skies. I was hands down flattered. And all day that day, heck all week that week, I will steal glances at the message and think … this is the best feeling ever.

Don’t get me wrong. I have received some serious flattery and sweet words in my lifetime. But in an unexplainable way, that message sent to me by my 60 something year old dad ( I am in my late 20’s) meant everything. It meant that even though I am unmarried and still finding my feet when it came to love with another sex ( or the same sex because these days you can never tell right?), my dad still considered me his. It meant that even though I had put my  dad through hell  (and everyone who grew up stubborn and rebellious will relate), I was still his baby girl which also meant he loves me and will still PROTECT me.

That’s the inspiration that led me on this path to writing a blog for Fathers’ Day and naming it ROCK STEADY FATHERS. Because every child deserves one. A man who will love them unconditionally, and be there no matter the circumstance and be the loudest cheerleader in the bleachers. A man who notwithstanding his own faults and shortcomings will still want all the best for their child.  A man who sets good examples and is sure to let his child know that he is human and can make mistakes but that is why he relearns and makes the next right choice.

ROCK STEADY FATHERS don’t have it all figured out. Nope! But they show up in-spite of not having all the answers. Sometimes they are scared out of their own minds but they still show up to spite the fear. They don’t fly in red capes to catch a falling plane or walk through fire but we know fo shizzle that the are the real heros.

So since I am female and will not be a father to my children … I asked a couple friends of mine who I know are amazing fathers 3 questions about fatherhood.

  1. How did you feel the first time you held your child in your arms?
  2. What one promise will you make to your child(ren)?
  3. How has fatherhood changed your life?
“1. It’s that unexplainable feeling of joy, that happiness that engulfs your whole being, at the same time there is a bit of fear and wonder about how you now have a new life to cater for..a boned being you are responsible and you ask yourself I’m I capable. But in the end it all adds to the excitement
2. To give them the best opportunities to grow in all their God filled abilities and talent and teach them to be “human”
3. Made me a better person, if I used to just think about others first now it’s more in my shows in self improvement, not for me alone but for people around me. It’s made me appreciate more my father’s struggles and helped me to understand the responsibilities of fatherhood”

1.The very first time I held my baby in my arms, I was shocked. Very shocked. That this little person was the one causing my wife to go through all the drastic body, hormonal and other changes.
2. One promise I make to my children is to love their mother always.
3. Fatherhood has made me understand God’s love better.




1. The first time I held my babies in my arm,  I was in tune with nature. The connection was soulful and it’s the best feeling ever.

2. One promise I make to my children us to be present in their lives and be the best dad to them.

3. Fatherhood has made me more responsible and sensitive to situations that matters most in life.


Men who intentional decide to become fathers to their kids are one of the best miracles to happen in this world. Let me also just put this out there in the universe; Not every man who impregnates a woman is a father. It takes a lot more than just sperms to qualify as a father.

So this is to all ROCK STEADY FATHERS in the world. Thank you for everything. You are the reason some of us dare to face life fearless because we know the kind of macho (love and wisdom) that backs us up. For real; THANK YOU AND HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY. 

Disclaimer: Do not interpret this post to mean that mothers are not heroes. Because if there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that there is enough space and time for everyone to be a hero. And that praising fathers does not dim the light on mothers.



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